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Retaining Wall

If you need to add a retaining wall to your property for one reason or another, you may find yourself worrying over digging and placing rocks and not so much about the finer details. However, your retaining wall doesn’t have to be merely a functional eyesore – instead, it can be a beautiful feature that happens to serve a purpose. Here are four tips for building your retaining wall to get great results:

1.  Creative Design – Whether you are building a retaining wall for a specific area of your property or you want to incorporate it into your other landscaping features, using a creative design can go a long way to making this important feature look great. Choose complementary colours for your stone or have your wall curve gently to add increased interest.

2.  Fit Your Lifestyle – Just because you need a retaining wall doesn’t mean it should stick out like a sore thumb for everyone who comes to your home. If you have an outdoor patio nearby, make your retaining wall part of the entertaining space. If you have an area that is aside from the rest of your landscaping, incorporate a garden to make it look more beautiful.

3.  Choose the Right Stone – Choosing the right stone can go a long way towards ensuring that your retaining wall looks great and is fully functional. You’ll want something heavy-duty enough to hold up to all weather types and provide lasting protection year after year.

4.  Scale to Size – The size of your retaining wall should be scaled against the area that needs moisture control and drainage solutions, and your stone should be scaled accordingly, as well. Making sure you have proper measurements and enough stone to complete your task will make a big difference in the finished product.

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