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use granite effectively
There are many different options out there to incorporate stone into your landscaping. Many people enjoy stone elements in their landscaping for the factor of permanence. Unlike other landscaping features, stone doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, doesn’t change sizes, and won’t die on you anytime soon. While you might think of slate or flagstone when you think of rock landscaping, did you know that you can use granite effectively as a great landscaping option? Here at Maxwell Stone, we would love to show you how!

When you use granite for interior use, it’s often used for its durability. Countertops, backsplashes, tiles and flooring are all great uses for this incredibly strong and durable material. If we are so willing to use granite for its durability on the interior of your home, it only makes sense to continue out that durability and beautiful aspect to the exterior of your home in the landscaping. When you use granite in your landscaping, it isn’t polished. Instead it is a more rough, raw and still incredibly attractive material that can be used in slabs and stones for steps, retaining walls, patio stones, walkways and boulders for feature pieces.

Here at Maxwell Stone, we know that there are many different options out there for your stone landscaping needs. Instead of choosing something that you have seen time and time again, think a little bit outside the stone box and look to granite! We know that you will love its colourful and raw look that can transform your yard in a relatively small amount of time. Contact us today to learn more about our granite options.