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Flagstone in Toronto, ON

Getting the most from a home, inside and out, is what most of us desire and expect when we invest in a home. Your home is your oasis after a day spent earning a paycheck and advancing your career. It is where you might raise children, entertain friends and family and decompress from life’s demands. So, how can you make it exceptional? Flagstone can enhance your property in many ways, and here’s a few to jumpstart your creative thoughts.

  • Flagstone Patio – You’ll feel more in tune with nature with a flagstone patio rather than a dull concrete one or even a wood deck style. In addition, the durability of flagstone means you’ll enjoy your new patio for years to come. The unique result you gain from flagstone makes your finished project one of a kind.
  • Flagstone Walkways – There is something comforting about wandering along a garden walkway with butterflies fluttering, bees busy at work, the aroma of flowers everywhere and colours to brighten your mood. A flagstone walkway doesn’t detract from nature – instead fitting in almost magically.
  • Flagstone Accents – Laying flagstone around an area of your garden can create separate accent areas, such as delineating between a grassy area and flower beds. You can also create special features, such as a flagstone surrounded fountained water feature with a flagstone sitting area for relaxing to bubbling waters. Flagstone is also nice around a fire pit for adding a dramatic effect and creating a sitting area.
  • Flagstone Inside – Flagstone isn’t just for outdoors. It can make a stunning statement as a fireplace hearth, floor in a sunroom, or a bold entry floor or even wall material choice. Since flagstone retains heat from direct sunlight, it can be helpful at keeping a room warmer in the winter. Be sure to coat with a sealer when using as a flooring material.

If you would like to know more about flagstone, come to Maxwell Stone where our over 15 years of serving the GTA puts us in the unique position to provide you with all your flagstone and other natural and manufactured stone product needs. We are happy to offer advice about the best material for the project you have in mind.