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Granite in Toronto, ONThere is a reason why granite is so popular for countertops – it is beautiful! The many variations make it an ideal choice for creating your dream kitchen. If it is so luxurious and eye-appealing, why stop there? Imagine what it could do for your outdoor living spaces as well. Here are a few ideas to get you started incorporating the durability and beauty of granite into your landscaping.

  • Focal Point Accent – They always talk about trying to ignore the “elephant in the room,” but they won’t be avoiding talking about an amazing granite boulder displayed in your landscaping. Add some nice plants and a bit of lighting and voilà, you have a great conversation piece. You can also strategically place smaller granite boulders in flower beds as unique accents.
  • Water Feature Accent – Granite boulders make a great addition to a water feature. Place them around a backyard pond or create a stunning waterfall with cascades over your new granite boulders.
  • Line Walkways – Nobody will be confused where they should be walking when you place medium to large granite rocks along the walkway. Granite makes a stunning border between walkways and grassy areas.
  • Multi-Level Areas – Looking for a unique retaining wall material to create multi-levels in your backyard? Granite can do the trick nicely while feeling natural and welcoming.

Here at Maxwell Stone, we have a variety of granite landscaping products that we are confident will work perfectly for your project. Our high-quality granite will give you the results you want. We can deliver it to your property, so you can get your project started right away. Ask us about our custom stone sawing services too. We have proudly served the GTA for more than 15 years and look forward to being your number one supplier for granite and other landscaping materials.