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Landscaping Stone, Toronto, ON

We carry all types of landscaping stone, so you can easily complete your projects in Toronto.

Landscaping Stone in Toronto, Ontario
There are lots of different uses for landscaping stone on a property, whether it’s the use of aggregate as a base or for drainage, or you are using armourstone to create a unique outdoor feature. At Maxwell Stone, we carry all types of landscaping stone to meet your needs, so you can easily complete your projects in Toronto, Ontario.

We supply a variety of aggregates, paving stones, retaining wall rocks, and landscape accessories that will make your entire project come together well. At Maxwell Stone, we understand that having high-quality landscaping stone and the accessories to match can make all the difference in the fluidity, effectiveness, and efficiency of your landscaping project.

Whether you are a builder, a contractor, or an individual looking for landscaping stone for your next project, you won’t be disappointed with our selection. We manufacture our own stone product lines, and we can even deliver your chosen stone to your site. It’s important to us that you don’t need to go to multiple places for the landscaping stone and accessories you need to create your ideal outdoor space. When you work with our experienced team and shop for landscaping stone with us, you’ll find all the products and supplies you need to achieve your goals.

At Maxwell Stone, we are a locally owned and operated business with decades of experience providing our customers with the stone products they need for a variety of indoor and outdoor projects. Contact us today if you would like more information about our landscaping stone and other supplies for your project in Toronto.