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Landscaping in the Fall

Fall is a magical time of year! The leaves start to change, nearly everything becomes pumpkin spice flavoured, and taking the time to crunch a dry leaf under your feet is practically mandatory. Once the weather cools down a bit, many of us enjoy spending a little more time outdoors if for no other reason than to sip cider and watch the leaves change. While most of us start our landscaping projects in the spring, there are many landscaping projects in the fall that will give your home a refreshed and cozy look while going into the colder months.

First, consider planting fall-friendly plants. Once the summer flowers are dead, you’re left with some sorry-looking garden boxes! Plants and flowers such as Mums, Beautyberry, Heather, Goldenrod, Pansies, and Sedum, to name a few, are great cooler-weather plants that will give your lawn the vibrant colour pop you’re seeking.

Second, don’t forget about your trees! Make sure to prune off some of the dead growth of your trees to keep their shape looking nice. Additionally, for fruit trees, a good pruning can help ensure a better crop for the following season. Your evergreen trees will need a good amount of watering during the fall to ensure they don’t get too thirsty during the winter months.

Finally, look around your yard and garden area for signs of wear. Do you see bald spots in your lawn? Is your deck or fence looking weather worn? What about your driveway or retaining walls? If any of these things need attention, fall is a good time to check these things off your list before the winter wears them down further!

We hope you have enjoyed our fall landscaping tips. For more, please visit us here at Maxwell Stone.