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Natural Stone

When you think of natural stone, there may be a lot of things that come to mind. Granite, marble, limestone, fieldstone . . . the list goes on and on. And, natural stone is found in virtually every home and outdoor area today, so it’s easy to forget the many different functions it offers for a variety of project types and styles. At Maxwell Stone, we love helping our customers find the natural stone products that work best for their projects, so we’ve listed five popular uses for our natural stone products:

1.  Retaining Walls – Adding a retaining wall is more than just stacking some rocks together to make a wall. This important feature can be functional and beautiful when you choose the right natural stone. Not only can you enjoy greater protection from a well-built retaining wall, but your natural stone choices can be a beautiful landscaping addition, as well.

2.  Patios & Pathways – Taking a stroll through the garden can be more enticing than ever with natural stone pavers and pieces that enhance the outdoor landscape. The beauty of natural stone is that it looks natural in any outdoor setting and therefore doesn’t detract from your outdoor space.

3.  Water Features – From waterfalls to ponds and streams, using natural stone is a great way to create water features on your property. Whether you are standing nearby or gazing from afar, having a natural stone water feature will draw the eye and provide hours of comfortable outdoor enjoyment.

4.  Garden Borders – Keeping your unruly flowers looking a little more tidy can be as simple as adding a garden border using natural stone. Whether you choose to build up your garden so it is raised to enhance the space or you just want to add a light border for added interest, you’ll find the natural stone that does the job.