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Landscape Stone
If you have a landscaping plan, but you aren’t really sure how to achieve your goals, then you may be looking for options that look natural but offer practical solutions. One item that you should definitely consider before going to other options is landscape stone, which can enhance your outdoor space naturally, but without specific limitations.

In fact, there are many different options when it comes to landscape stone that can make the process of designing and installing your new landscape features fun and efficient. Consider these different natural stone types available in limestone and granite:

•  Stone Steps
•  Pool Coping
•  Armour Stone
•  Flagstone
•  Landscape Stone Products
•  Stone Slabs
•  Thin Veneer
•  Stone Tile
•  Granite
•  Boulders
•  Brick Stone
•  Thin Stone
•  Manufactured Stone

The take-away is that there are many different types of stone that you can use for landscaping purposes, all of which provide natural beauty and a functional design for your outdoor spaces. Design a flower bed, enjoy a patio, build a fire pit or line your walkways – the possibilities are endless when you choose landscape stone for your outdoor projects!

At Maxwell Stone, we carry a wide variety of landscape stone, and we are equipped to provide custom sawing services that help you achieve your goals for a unique and beautiful landscape at your home or business. You may enjoy asking us about our GOTT Natural Stone and Natural Thin Stone Solutions that will help you make any project a long-lasting success. Contact us or come by today to discuss your landscape design and to choose the landscape stone that will work best for your needs. We look forward to working with you!