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Custom Stone
When the weather is cold, you may be looking for indoor projects that provide upgrades for your living and working spaces. At Maxwell Stone, we know that having a beautiful indoor space can make a great impression on guests, make your home or business more inviting, and provide a premium upgrade that may have been overdue. One option that we recommend for our customers who may be looking for unique solutions for their living and working spaces is custom stone because of the many opportunities it provides.

  • Mantels – Having a stone mantel not only creates a unique feel for your sitting areas, but it also offers a permanent place of support for items that may be stored on or around your fireplace. Custom stone from Maxwell Stone makes it easy to get the mantel you need, cut to your specific length and width, so you can install this beautiful addition in your space.
  • Fireplaces – Custom stone can also be an excellent addition when your fireplaces could use a makeover. Not only can you choose custom stone solutions that are a unique match for your vision, but you’ll be able to see your space come to life with this beautiful feature that will last for years to come.
  • Features – There are plenty of opportunities to create custom stone features at your home or business, whether you want to build shelving, have a unique entryway, or outfit your chimney with stone. You’ll find a variety of custom stone options with us at Maxwell Stone, and we can help you achieve your goals for a stone feature or accent piece.

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