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Custom Stone Designs in Toronto, ON

We all endeavour to make our homes reflect our personality and style. Sometimes it is big renovations and other times simple enhancements, but each step gets us closer to our vision of what our safe haven should be. If you are looking for something to make a unique impact, look no further than custom stone designs. With the vast variety of stone products available, you’ll find it easy to imagine ways to incorporate them into your home, both inside and out.

Starting with the outdoors, here’s a grand idea – give your home a name, show your passion, give homage to memorable location or announce your family name! A stone sign isn’t just perfect for the entrance to a community. Working with a professional offering custom stone designs, you can show the world what you’re passionate about on a plaque style, medium size or even large self-standing boulder. Other uses include a memorial for a cherished pet or to place a marker for a time capsule, which is a fun activity for families to do with their children. Another exterior use for custom stone designs is to give your windows a nice touch with custom sills. Once you look around your home and property, you are certain to come up with other ideas too!

As for the interior, custom stone designs can add charm, beauty and luxury as accents, such as a new hearth or other upgrades to your fireplace. Of course, adding a fireplace is always an option too. With unique products like natural thin stone, it is possible to create stunning results more efficiently.

If you are looking for custom stone designs for your home in the GTA, give us a call at Maxwell Stone. Our locally-owned family business has been a trusted source for custom stone for over 15 years. Whether you are looking for products for an interior or exterior project, turn to us as your supplier of choice. We’ll help you make your home everything you know it can be and perhaps show the world what you’re passionate about.