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As the weather warms up, you may be looking for opportunities to update your landscape or create new features in your outdoor spaces. But if you are tired of looking at the same things in the big box stores or you’ve tried all of the standard options, you may be looking for alternative solutions. One option that works well for both homes and businesses is stone hardscaping, which can help you achieve your goals of a welcoming, unique and attractive landscape at your property.

  • Borders – Do you have a garden that is outgrowing its bed? Would you like to line your driveway with something permanent and unique? Hardscaping using high-quality stone is a great way to create retaining wall borders that look like they fit naturally while still providing the division you need to designate spaces.
  • Beauty – The best part of stone hardscaping is that you can enjoy the natural beauty stone provides while maintaining your retaining walls easily. In fact, you could just have a stone feature that you love without the need for a border at all. The beauty of stone is that it can truly be used for just about any purpose, including walkways, patios, stone steps, and more.

You’ll find high-quality hardscaping stone with us at Maxwell Stone, and we’ll be happy to provide the custom services you need to achieve your hardscaping goals at your home or business. Call or come by today to get started.