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Stone DesignsCustom stone designs can be used for many parts of your home’s interior, including the hearth in front of your fireplace, the mantel over your fireplace and even your window sills throughout your home or business. These stone designs and aesthetic accents will last forever, impervious to dings and scratches that may mar the appearance of other materials.

  • Hearths: Stone hearths are typically created out of limestone and granite. These hearths are fully customizable, and can be created from one large piece of stone or pieced together from smaller stones. The front and sides of your hearth can be sawed or rocked. The top of your hearth can be flamed or sandblasted, depending on how you want it to look.
  • Mantels: While mantels hang over your fireplace, the options for mantels are similar to hearths. Some mantels are made out of wood, but these mantels can get scratched and dinged very easily, especially if they are made out of softer wood. A granite or limestone mantel will be beautiful for years to come, and can be chosen to match the stones in your fireplace or contrast.
  • Sills: Custom rock window sills are generally made out of limestone or granite, and they can be sawed in standard widths or veneer widths.

Adding stone designs like hearths, mantels and window sills to your home or business adds lasting beauty that you and everyone else can enjoy for many years to come.