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a well-marked and visible stone sign
Running a business is a lot of hard work! You work long hours, perform many tasks that you didn’t realize would be in your job description, and are in charge of ensuring that the business grows and is successful. While you believe in your business and the product that you sell, sometimes the public needs a little more convincing. Something as simple as a referral from a friend or a good design can be good for your business. We here at Maxwell Stone believe in the power of stone, and we have come up with three reasons why stone signs can help your business.

  1. Signifies Permanence. Stone is something that will last for decades. A good stone sign for your business signifies to the customer that your business is here to stay.
  2. Gives Information. Small details have big impact in the minds of a consumer. The logos and colours for nearly every major brand have been scrutinized and carefully constructed in such a way that consumers feel they know your business in a glance. The right design and information on your stone sign can give your details to the customers in very little time.
  3. Provides better visibility. Everyone has had the experience of searching for a new business or store, but are unable to find it due to a lack of displayed information. It’s very frustrating to drive in circles unable to find where you want to go! With a well-marked and visible stone sign, your customers can get to your place of business easily.

Improving a business can be very individualized. Stone signs, however, are a great choice for every business!