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A flagstone walkway is extremely durable

Homeowners and builders alike are drawn to flagstone as a choice for patios, walkways, and landscaping accents. This is not only because of the beauty of the stone but also because of the many benefits associated with flagstone. If you are just beginning your research, you will definitely want to give flagstone a closer look—you may be surprised by all that it has to offer.

Using flagstone for a walkway is a great idea—you have to agree that there is just something about a flagstone walkway that makes any property feel polished and well-designed. Personally, we love flagstone walkways and here’s why:

  • Flagstone is a naturally slip-resistant stone, which makes it perfect for walkways, providing safety as the stone will not be slick even when wet.
  • A flagstone walkway is extremely durable. It will hold up well under heavy traffic, which you would expect to have on any walkway. The high durability of the stone means that it requires low maintenance and fewer repairs than other types of stone. Our favorite thing about flagstone is that it is weather resistant—the low absorption properties of the stone mean that you don’t have to deal with the frustration of cracks from freezing and thawing that typically come with winter.
  • Flagstone is a natural stone with a range of colours and shapes so your walkway will be totally unique. A flagstone walkway is aesthetically pleasing and will add character to your home or business.