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buyers love to see a beautiful fireplace

Next to hardwood floors and original features, when searching for homes, buyers love to see a beautiful fireplace! This one feature gives the room a focal point as well as a sense of style. Fireplace décor is just as individualized as those who build them, so you’ll see many different features on fireplaces that can be customized, from the choice of stone, type of fireplace, mantel or height of your hearth. Today we are going to discuss which hearth type is right for you.

  • Floor HearthThe hearth is simply the floor of the fireplace. There are many different ways to do a hearth, but one of the most popular is a hearth built right into the floor of your room. This common practice will combine similar or different styles of stone or tile that either match or complement the material used on your fireplace. Floor hearths are great for smaller rooms since there is no material to take up floor space or trip on. They’re also nice for people with children who will have one less area to cushion!
  • Sitting HearthWhen a fireplace is elevated, you have the option of a sitting hearth. This type of hearth extends out into the room and allows for extra seating around the fireplace and a great place for family holiday pictures. A sitting hearth can make a large room feel cozier and is great for people who like to entertain since it provides built-in seating.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about the types of hearths, what type do you think you’d prefer in your own space?