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GOTT Natural Stone products

When designing a landscape for a home or business, there are many factors to take into account. You need to consider functionality, purpose, weather, and water table but you also want to create an overall aesthetically pleasing finished product.  A well-designed landscape will become a beautiful part of nature—a place where one might retreat to unwind from the stresses of the world and draw peace from the natural surroundings.  Adding stone to your landscape will help create balance and give you that “wow” factor you have been looking for.

At Maxwell Stone, many of our stone products come from our own quarries here in Northern Ontario. Our in-house quarried stone is sold to customers in Canada as well as the United States through our distribution company, GOTT Natural Stone. We have many products that are perfect for landscaping. Armour stone is very popular right now and can be used to line shores or for pond edging as well as to create some amazing looking retaining walls. Our flagstone comes in many sizes and has been used for walkways or patios. Blue mountain oval rockery can be used in beautiful statement stone features such as waterfalls. Our beach pebbles are a beautiful mixture of red, grey, and blue and are perfect for ground cover, in ponds, or waterfalls.

Our GOTT Natural Stone products include:

  • Armour Stone
  • Glacier Rockery
  • Steps
  • Wall Stone
  • Flagstone
  • Natural Thin Stone Solutions
  • Blue Mountain Oval Rockery
  • Beach Pebble
  • Building Stoen

View pictures of these and a complete list of our offerings at our GOTT Natural Stone website.