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Building stone on the exterior of a home

Building stone, when applied to a home’s exterior, is stunning. Many homes that would otherwise be commonplace are brought to another level by the addition of stone. If you are thinking about adding stone to the exterior of your home, here are five benefits for you to consider.

1.  Curb Appeal: When comparing homes that have stone on the exterior and homes that don’t, there is no contest as to which home looks nicer. Building stone on the exterior of a home adds sophistication and makes your home look more polished and elegant.

2.  Increased Home Value: Adding building stone to your home can provide a significant return on investment in the way of improving your home value dramatically.

3.  Durability: Stone siding will last a lifetime. In fact, the stone siding can even be reused when a home is being demolished. Stone is very durable and will hold up under all types of weather or heavy use. It ages extremely well, keeping its original look with little maintenance required.

4.  More Energy Efficient: Stone itself is naturally insulating. When used as siding, it can help keep your home at the temperature you want it. Building stone doesn’t heat up or get cold quickly like other siding materials might in response to the external temperature.

5.  Eco-Friendly: Stone is considered a sustainable building material, unlike the PVC that makes up vinyl siding. It is an abundant natural resource on earth and is responsibly harvested.